Oncopeptides complete first sales of Pepaxti in Greece

Oncopeptides today announced its first named patient sales of its flagship drug Pepaxti in Greece. The sales were made possible through Oncopeptides’ partnership with Ariti S.A., a company specialized on medical and pharmaceutical supply in Greece.

Since receiving the approval of Pepaxti in the European Union and countries in the European Economic Area in August 2022, Oncopeptides have been focusing its launch efforts on Germany while also working to gain market access in other European countries.

“Although still at an early stage, I am happy that we now can supply in Greece and make a difference to patients there with a high unmet need,” says Monica Shaw, CEO of Oncopeptides. “As we work to launch across Europe we need to assess every country individually to find the optimal way to ensure we can start to sell and patients can get access to Pepaxti. We are happy to partner with Ariti S.A. in Greece, as they have a solid experience in multiple myeloma including close relationships with healthcare professionals in the market and good understanding of how to ensure timely access to the drugs within rare diseases such as Pepaxti.”

In her recent presentation at the company’s Annual General Meeting, Monica Shaw outlined commercial opportunities for Oncopeptides in Europe. You can find a video of the presentation on the AGM 2023 page.

Questions and Answers

In one sentence – what is being announced?

Oncopeptides announces its entry into a new European market by communicating its first sales in Greece.

Why are you not sharing any volumes?

Oncopeptides do not communicate details around sales during a quarter unless they are to be considered material according to the rules of Nasdaq Stockholm and the EU market abuse regulation (MAR). In this case we have not deemed the information material, but in the interest of transparency we do want to keep the market updated on the progress of our European sales efforts.

How are market access efforts and sales in other markets going?

See answer above – we will be able to give an update during the next quarterly report due to be released on August 10, 2023.

Where can I find more details on the European roll-out?

In her recent presentation at the company´s Annual General Meeting, Monica Shaw outlined commercial opportunities for Oncopeptides in Europe including how we work in a tailored manner to ensure we can make Pepaxti available in different European countries. The partnership with Ariti, using the named patient sales mechanism to enter the market with speed is one example of our ways of working. You can find a video of the presentation and the power point deck here.

Are you planning to continue to provide updates to the market when you enter additional markets?


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please reach out to David Augustsson, Director of Corporate Affairs: David.Augustsson@oncopeptides.com or +46 76 2293868