Figure showing an overview of the ANCHOR study

ANCHOR is a phase 1/2 open label multicenter study evaluating the safety and efficacy of melflufen plus dexamethasone in combination with either daratumumab or bortezomib in patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma, who have undergone 1-4 prior lines of therapy. The patients are refractory to an immunomodulatory drug and/or a proteasome inhibitor. They have not received any prior anti-CD38 monoclonal antibody therapy. The study started in Q2 2018 and will include up to 64 patients.

The daratumumab study arm is fully recruited while the recruitment to the bortezomib arm is expected to be completed in 2021.

ANCHOR will close without the last 10 previously planned patients in the bortezomib + melflufen study arm – data sets will be large enough to draw relevant scientific conclusions.