Sofia Heigis


Sofia Heigis

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

How did you get started in the pharmaceutical industry?

I’m a Master in Pharmacy by training and originally considered an academic career path. However, I after I was given an opportunity to do pre-clinical research in Sweden and Australia, I decided that I wanted to go into the pharmaceutical industry. I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference for patients on a broader scale.

What was your first job in pharma?

My first job in pharma was working as a sales representative. As a sales representative, I really learned the importance of customer-centricity. This experience has proven to be really valuable throughout my career.  It trained me to always try to think about how our decisions will impact health care providers and patients, along with other key stakeholders.

How did you end up working in medical affairs?

My career philosophy is to look for opportunities that will help me and others grow and learn. Therefore, over the years I’ve held a number of different kinds of roles across functions. After working on the commercial side in sales, I transitioned into clinical operations. I led a group of study leaders across European countries. From there, I became a Medical Science Liaison, and I was on the front lines gathering insights and engaging in scientific exchange to prepare for launches. In 2012, I took on a Medical Director Position and thereafter held a series of leadership roles with increasing responsibilities.

Do you enjoy leading teams and managing people?

Yes, I truly enjoy working with people and helping them realize their full potential professionally. I find that the most effective teams include people with different and complimentary skill sets. As a leader, it is my job to foster a culture of respect and collaboration. I want to remove barriers for my teams. Before joining Oncopeptides, I led a team of 130 people across 8 countries representing Regulatory Affairs, Patient Safety, Customer Complaints, Medical Excellence, Medical Field teams, Senior Medical Affairs roles, Medical Evidence and Medical Information. In total, we were responsible for 28 launches across 7 therapeutic areas. As you might imagine, communication and transparency were critical to our success!

Why did you join Oncopeptides?

I really wanted to take on a leadership role that would allow me to work more closely with Health Care Providers and Patients again. I also really liked the idea of joining a Company that was growing rapidly. In my current role, I am able to help shape the Medical Affairs organization and implement best practices. Together with my team I am committed to establishing Oncopeptides as a Company that people want to work with – a trusted and credible medical-science partner.

What has your experience at Oncopeptides been like?

I love working with people that are equally passionate about using science to help people in need. We are all working together towards a shared goal of bringing forward our first drug to market. This is a pivotal time for the Company, and it is a very exciting time to be onboard!