Board committees

The board of directors has set up three committees; the audit committee, the remuneration committee and the scientific committee. The board of directors has adopted rules of procedure for each of these committees.

Audit committee

The audit committee’s role is primarily to monitor the Company’s financial position, to monitor the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control, internal audit and risk management, to be informed about the audit of the annual report and consolidated financial statements, and to review and monitor the auditor’s impartiality and independence. The audit committee shall also assist the nomination committee in proposals for resolutions on the election and remuneration of the auditor.

The audit committee is comprised of Cecilia Daun Wennborg (chairman), Per Wold-Olsen and Per Samuelsson.

Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee’s role is primarily to prepare matters regarding remuneration and other terms of employment for the CEO and other members of senior management. The remuneration committee shall also monitor and evaluate ongoing and completed programmes for variable remuneration to the Company’s management and monitor and evaluate the implementation of the guidelines for remuneration to senior management adopted by the annual general meeting.

The remuneration committee is comprised of Per Wold-Olsen (chairman), Brian Stuglik and Per Samuelsson.

Scientific committee

The role of the scientific committee is to advise on scientific matters. As part of its responsibilities, the committee evaluates research strategies, clinical development plans, regulatory pathways and strategies, and reviews and reports to the board on emerging areas of science.

The scientific committee is comprised of Jennifer Jackson (chairman), Brian Stuglik and Jarl Ulf Jungnelius.