Oncopeptides is a science and data driven company. We are innovative and curious, and committed to bringing innovation to patients with rare hematological diseases. We are passionate to make a difference for patients who have an urgent need for better treatment options.

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Melflufen is the first Peptide Drug Conjugate (PCD) with an alkylating payload. The drug utilizes peptidases and esterases that are overexpressed in multiple myeloma cells, to release a toxic payload inside cells, to damage DNA and kill cancer cells.

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Clinical Program

The purpose of our melflufen clinical development program is to support regulatory approval processes globally and explore safe and effective use in different patient populations, use in combination with other myeloma treatments and administration with both central and peripheral infusion, and real-world use in Germany.

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Access Programs

Oncopeptides is committed to bringing hope to patients through innovative science and transformative medicines. Oncopeptides has established two programs to enable access to melphalan flufenamide (melflufen) for treatment of eligible patients with multiple myeloma who lack other treatment options, and where melflufen is not yet commercially available and are not to be provided through clinical trials.

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the Peptide Drug Conjugate, PDC, platform

Our pipeline

Oncopeptides is developing innovative drug candidates for difficult to treat haematological diseases. The development is built on our two unique technology platforms for Peptide Drug Conjugates (PDC), and Small Polypeptide based Innate Killer Engagers (SPiKE), and allows us to build a robust pipeline, with potential to expand into new indications.

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