Our strategy going forward

The full marketing authorization of Pepaxti in Europe sets the stage for the strategic direction of Oncopeptides and enables us to give patients with multiple myeloma access to an innovative drug, that may reduce treatment burden and improve quality of life.

A growing subset of the patients with multiple myeloma are triple class refractory. Their disease has become refractory to the three major drug classes. There is a clear unmet need, particular in elderly patients who need accessible treatments. Our strategy is supporting the company’s vision “bringing hope through science”, and is built on five pillars.

Financial discipline

We aspire to ensure that the company has a sustainable cash and equity position by the end of 2023. We have a good cash position of SEK 345 M, and including the conditional credit facility from EIB, we do not see liquidity as an issue for 2023. When it comes to the development of equity it depends on the sales progress, how much we invest in commercialization, research and development.

German launch

We aspire to ensure that physicians and payors prefer Pepaxti in elderly patients with relapsed, refractory multiple myeloma. We are launching Pepaxti with a patient-focused team, determined to bring new science to the benefit of the right patients. The team is well networked, has in-depth scientific knowledge, strong business acumen and drives scientific share of voice and advocacy.

Geographic expansion

We aspire to gain market access in key markets, and evaluate new opportunities based on their potential. We have initiated a market access review and are developing a pricing and market access strategy for key markets. This will enable a targeted geographic expansion in Europe. The review will also provide the basis for go/no go decisions regarding commercialization in other markets.

Pipeline progression

We aspire to progress the development of drug candidates for difficult to treat haematological diseases with significant unmet medical needs. We will evaluate potential indications based on the scientific and commercial probability of success, which may enable an expansion into new indications. The drug candidates are based on the proprietary Peptide Drug Conjugate platform and the SPiKEs platform (Small Polypeptide based Killer Engagers).

People and culture

We aspire to build company engagement and attraction through our vision and values. We act with an enterprise spirit and believe that the journey to becoming a strong company brand starts internally. We strive to attract, retain and develop key talents in the industry.