Oncopeptides is a science and data driven company. We are innovative and curious, and committed to bringing innovation to patients with rare hematological diseases. We are passionate to make a difference for patients who have an urgent need for better treatment options.

Oncopeptides is developing innovative drug candidates for difficult to treat haematological diseases. The development is built on our two unique technology platforms for Peptide Drug Conjugates (PDC), and Small Polypeptide based Innate Killer Engagers (SPiKE), and allows us to build a robust pipeline, with potential to expand into new indications.

Two unique technology platforms

PDC – A true innovation

the Peptide Drug Conjugate, PDC, platform

The PDC compounds are composed to enable efficient distribution in the body, enabling a wide therapeutic window (i.e. a wide margin between effective doses and doses that give unacceptable side effects), and an optimized benefit risk profile. The PDCs are designed around two components: a peptide carrier and a cytotoxic payload. The PDCs are lipophilic which allows a rapid diffusion into cells. The peptide carrier utilizes the altered metabolism of cancer cells to hydrolyze PDC into active hydrophilic metabolites, which lead to an enrichment in cancer cells.

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The SPiKE Technology Platform

The SPiKE Technology Platform

This research utilizes the immune system to fight cancer. It has evolved from targeting the T-cells, such as CAR-T therapy or bi-specific antibodies, to targeting the natural killer cells, or NK-cells. This may reduce the often dose-limiting side-effects, such as cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and PNS/CNS symptoms, whilst achieving similar levels of clinical efficacy​, even after previous exposure to and relapse after T-cell directed therapies. Oncopeptides has developed a proprietary technology platform for Small Polypeptide based innate Killer Engagers (SPiKE).

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