Oncopeptides launches “Oncopeptalks” with a fireside chat featuring CEO Sofia Heigis

September 20, 2023

Join David Augustsson, Director, Corporate Affairs at Oncopeptides, for the first edition of Oncopeptalks – a short company update aimed at investors where various members of the Oncopeptides team will be able to answer questions and address issues from the investor community.

First up is Sofia Heigis, CEO of Oncopeptides, who talks about some recent news for the company, including the decision by the CHMP to recommend an extension into earlier lines, what factors play into a next decision following that, the status of sales in Europe and the FDA appeal. Relatively fresh in her new role as CEO, she also shares her personal story on why she joined the company and what motivates her.

Watch the video below! (Also available in Swedish, with similar content)

If you have any questions or issues that you’d like to have addressed in future editions, reach out to David at david.augustsson@oncopeptides.com