Lisa Andersson


Lisa Andersson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Tell me a bit about your career?

I’ve spent most of my career working as an assistant at both large and small companies, with a focus in the biotech- and pharma industry over the past few years. I have supported larger teams as well as held roles directly supporting individual senior executives. I´ve also worked as team lead for a group of 15 people which gave me good insights in what it takes to lead teams. This is something I value now working as executive assistant.

What do you like about your role?

As assistant to the CEO no two days look the same. It is fast paced and decisions are made every day.  People rely on me to get things done, be pro-active, solve problems, make decisions, prioritize and keep things in order. I have the opportunity to work with people at all levels of our organization. Communication and collaboration is key for me to be able to do my job.

When did you join Oncopeptides?

I joined Oncopeptides in October 2019, and the organization has grown dramatically since that time, both by number of employees as well as geography. We now have organizations in Sweden and Europe. It is exciting to be part of an international Company that is going through so much change. We are at an important point in our journey as a Company as we have started to commercialize our first product in Europe.

What is it like working at Oncopeptides?

Oncopeptides is not a hierarchical place. Our leadership is very accessible, and they pride themselves on keeping employees informed. People are collaborative, positive, engaged and always looking for ways to improve things. We have regular All-Company Meetings, where we cover a wide variety of topics – everything from medical congresses to internal debriefs on our study data. Communication is especially critical right now as we are navigating through a global pandemic.

What is Oncopeptides’ culture like?

Oncopeptides is a values-driven Company. We pride ourselves on creating therapies that are rooted in science and data. I find that our employees are smart, passionate and driven but they are also humble. Together we are all striving to help patients.

How did you know you wanted to join Oncopeptides?

After my first interview, I knew immediately that Oncopeptides would be a great fit for me because of the passion people bring to their every day work. I am also very proud to work at a Swedish Company that was founded by leading Swedish scientists and remains deeply committed to the development of therapies for difficult-to-treat hematological diseases.