Stefan Svensson Gelius


Stefan Svensson Gelius

Head of Research

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and I’ve spent more than twenty years working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why did you join Oncopeptides?

I was actually quite happy in my last role at a mid-size global pharmaceutical Company. However, when the opportunity arose to work at Oncopeptides, I was excited about the prospect of building something from the ground up. Oncopeptides is growing so rapidly that we are laying the foundation together for everything ranging from policies and protocols to ways of working.

Please tell us a bit about your job.

I´m responsible for the progress of our preclinical portfolio. Of course, there is a significant focus on resource optimizations and timelines, but I see my main role as a catalyst for the creative process. I am helping to build an atmosphere where everyone feels that it is fun to be innovative. Data and science are at the core of everything we do. From time to time I even sneak out in the lab to do some experiments of my own!

What do you think drives scientific progress?

I’m a strong believer in joint innovation. A positive and collaborative team atmosphere is critical to success. Also, I value diversity of background and thought. I’m pleased to say that we have a truly international group of scientists working here at Oncopeptides. We also have a whole global network of collaborators, both in academia and at commercial organizations.

What is it like working at Oncopeptides?

I see Oncopeptides as a pretty flat and agile organization. If you have an opinion or even a differing point of view there is an opportunity to share it and be heard. We have a lot of lively discussions which is an important part of the scientific process.

What would you tell people thinking about joining Oncopetides?

Oncopeptides is a fast-paced environment. People are motivated and bring a good energy to their work every day. Also, Oncopeptides is still a small enough organization that we can make quick, informed decisions. If you thrive in a dynamic environment this could be the place for you!